Saturday, February 13th, 2021

I’ve known Mike and the crew for a very long time. In fact, Mike’s been a regular contributor to my charge card expenses since cell phones were the size of a shoe box!

The staff's collective knowledge is extremely sound…although I have to say, I’ve caught myself schooling Mike on Uriah Heep during my visits! And their inventory at Odds & Sods Shoppe is also second to none in Nepean…of course, there isn’t really a second store to compete against for miles around! But they sure behave like there’s plenty of competition…and the winners are all of us!


Seriously though, there really isn’t competition…these musical mascots truly care about their customers, the music they take in on trade, the quality of the product they sell, and of course, the happy faces on their customers as they leave the store! They’ve earned their stripes, and I would shop at Odds & Sods Shoppe every day if I could. But I’m just not sure if Mike would want me there that much anyways!


In the meantime, I always look forward to seeing their faces (1/3 of a face these days!), and conversing over a mix of substantial news and useless tidbits! I’m way past ordering music over the internet…like pizza, I like the satisfaction of buying what I want that same day, and getting it fresh! And I love supporting local business when and where I can…it’s a no-brainer! 


These are tough days for everyone…but music plays a huge role in helping keep our happiness in balance! And we all need to focus on the better days around the corner! I look forward to foraging through Odds & Sods Shoppe as soon as possible! And may they continue on for decades to come!!!


Your friend in music, Tim

These guys and girls are amazing!  Awesome shop, friendly staff, absolutely fantastic customer service!!  If they don't have it in stock they can order it for you!  They have never asked for a deposit when ordering and always call when my order comes in!!  If your not buying your records or other stuff they have to offer here you are truly missing out!!

- Greg


Had wanted to go to shop here for a while but never got the chance being from Arnprior.  When I finally did I brought my girlfriend and her son with me and we walked in and were immediately floored with all of the cool things that were in the place.  Her son found a toy he liked, and she and I found some cool stuff.  I particularly like the selection of music that can be found here, some stuff you can't find anywhere else. I bought some CDs and my girlfriend bought a book.  So much variety, friendly staff, and plenty cool things to find inside.  Love that there is a punk AND metal section instead of punk being put in the same area as miscellaneous rock too!  Will be back for sure!

- Dave


Your selection...outstanding...service...impeccable. I have told you before, you are definitely my music store of choice!
I wish you guys the best!

- Chris


Visited yesterday for the first time...great LP selection and the store looks great!

- Rachel


Thanks Guys, the store looks great. Wish you well and see you again soon.

- Brian


The heart and soul of CDW doing their own thing now, nuff respect and much success fellas, y'all have my support!

- Ryan


My husband and I loved the bright shop, great service, wide selection and fun atmosphere! We found some great bargains today - he dove into the metal and I dove into the folk music! We are so glad your shop is there, we will be back for sure! 

- Laura


Great prices, lots of selection...and even LPs.

- Stephen


Went today with my husband and son and it was a great environment. We felt welcomed and will for sure return!

- Alicia


Clean bright shop, very friendly staff, competitive prices and some sweet finds in the racks..what more could there be! :-)

- Bruce


I am so excited about the opening on Easter Monday, I miss CD Warehouse already and plan to come often.

- Kristin